Big Start Pack

Start your online store business successfully with 8 necessary add-ons



Launching a new project is always exiting yet a complex task, that requires a lot of different aspects to be considered. Profitability is highly effected by the good start. Big Start Pack includes 8 different add-ons that cover design, administration, management and analytics of your store. The required minimum for a successful start.

Add-ons in the pack

  • Product Bundles - Create a collection of products that are sold as a unit
  • Google Tag Manager - Manage tags and code snippets on your website
  • JSON-LD for SEO - Increase searchability of your store, products, or blog across the web
  • Product Labels - Improve customers experience and increase your profit
  • Facebook Pixel - Track the revenue gained from Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Buy More - Motivate your customers to buy more with the special notifications
  • Google AMP for SEO - Boost your SEO and get more traffic from Google on phones and tablets
  • SEO Templates - Optimize metadata for products, categories, pages, blog posts, and product images automatically