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The Blocks Animation add-on is a perfect choice for CS-Cart store owners who want to make their online store attractive to customers. 

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How to attract customers attention at first sight? Make you store dynamic and active with the CS-Cart Blocks Animation add-on


Static web designs in ecommerce are still common, but the absence of realism and lack of interaction do not allow them to engage viewers and make them explore and buy more.


For this add-on we added such animation effects that do not disturb the customer from the primary content. You will be glad to see only useful settings like “duration”, “speed”, “delay” and “animation effect”.  


Home page


Blocks Animation add-on for CS-Cart


Product page


Blocks Animation add-on for CS-Cart


Simple functionality of the add-on allows you to install it in seconds and to create animated blocks on the home and product pages with ease. It does not require knowledge of CSS classes, jQuery or JavaScript. 


Blocks Animation add-on for CS-Cart settings


This add-on helps to improve your store usability and make it more professional. Also it makes your store more friendly!


The Blocks Animation add-on allows you to:


apply animations to blocks on the home page and product page;

— choose the type of popular and nice looking animation effects: “scale up”, “scale down”, “appear on the left”, “appear on the right”,  “move upwards”, “move downwards” or “fade in”.

provide delay feature in animation to create a nice animation sequence;

control the duration for a more precise animation;

— add a specific animation effect to an individual animation block;

set animation speed to adjust the time limit.


User Guide


Learn more about the add-on in our User Guide.




The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.3.1 and above. Need compatibility with another CS-Cart version? Contact us now




This add-on is developed and published by Simtech Development Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed a quality add-on supported by the future versions. If you need help, please contact us via our help desk system.

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


June 2019


[!] When the add-on was enabled, the grid settings broke on CS-Cart 4.10. Fixed.


legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


February 2018 


[+] The license key validation has been added.


October 2016 


[!] Blocks settings were not working. Fixed


September 2016 


[+]  The appearance delay functionality was added. 

[~] The number of appearances was added


Earlier changes

[~] The add-on was proved to be compatible with CS-Cart 4.4.1-alpha.