Artists United

ArtHouse connects artists and art lovers from east and west in one place. Located in China, the company has unlimited access to the local audience. And with the help of smart ecommerce solutions, it easily overcomes challenges of going global. It’s genuinely a marketplace of art with no borders.

  • Industry: Art
  • Services:
  • Design, modifications
  • Location: China
  • Website:


We had to create an environment for art experts, meet their design expectations, but at the same time not to make the site too sophisticated to prevent marketplace visitors from being distracted with products.

This is a bilingual marketplace with Chinese as a secondary language. For us, it is the first art gallery marketplace we have ever created. Distribution of pieces of art is a little bit different from other kinds of retail products.

marketplace design

Product focused design

multi vendor store translate

Bilingual target audience

multi vendor gallery

Multi-vendor art gallery


We have installed and set up the standard version of Multi-Vendor as it includes almost all functionality sufficient for this project. However, we gave it a slight tune-up to make the communication between vendors and customers more effective.

marketplace design creation

Design creation

multi vendor


marketplace localization


online marketplace customized product page

Customized product page


Design Creation

We have chosen a simple light design with a white background, shadows, and frames. We added a small portion of sky blue to make vendors’ names visible and pale red to highlight important information. We tried to imitate the atmosphere of an actual art gallery with spotlights directed at paintings and shaded surroundings.

marketplace design creation


We have installed a standard version of Multi-Vendor with the responsive theme and configured the following:


Company logo, banners, footer, and header with the menu.

multi vendor homepage

Vendors-first feature

Instead of a product list the visitors coming to ArtHouse will see a list of vendors on the homepage.

arthouse marketplace feature


We added a functional pop-up in the top right corner. The administrator can change the image and the text to create an important message for visitors or promote something. A mobile app for example.

online marketplace administration
marketplace of art startup


We set up two languages—English and Chinese. The language changes automatically depending on the selected country and browser’s settings.

marketplace chinese

Customized Product Page

We added a “Contact Collector” button. A customer can contact the seller before making a purchase or enter their own price if it is not specified.

contact marketplace vendor


The global art gallery is now ready to please international community of artists and art fans with a wide variety of products and user-friendly functionality. Browse, have a closer look, communicate, shop. All in one place.

marketplace development hours

56 Days

multi vendor marketplace developers

4 developers

I really like to work with Simtech. The manager was very friendly and helpful to me and my project. Mikhail has really great understanding on CS-Cart and provided great solutions to all my requests, especially on UI layout design. All deadlines were within my expectation as well as the quality of the development.

Lim Heng Yong, Director of ArtHouse