Category Gallery

Make it easy to find the right category from the start


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With the Category Gallery add-on you can create layout blocks with beautiful category images in one minute. The add-on provides 2 additional templates for category display. These templates are Grid and Scroller.

Providing visual content for categories, you make it easy to find the right category from the start. Main categories within tiles also simplify the shopping for tablet or smartphone users. Thus, you create a better customer experience and encourage customers to move deeper into the site.

Eye-catching images for categories is already a long standing trend in ecommerce. The largest players like Amazon and Etsy have already appreciated it and used it to their advantage. You can do the same.

Key features

  • Grid and scroller templates for categories;
  • Configurable scrolling;
  • Main categories in tiles;
  • Fully responsive templates for category gallery;
  • Different category galleries for different pages.

Grid template for category images


Scroller for category images


What you will see in the admin panel



User guide

Learn more about the add-on in our User guide.


The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.4.1 and above.

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


August 2020

Version v4.9.0.1

[fixed] After cloning a category, it was impossible to set the cloned category as not the main one for the product in some cases. Fixed.

March 2019


[~] Now the aspect ratio of blocks depend on image sizes.


February 2019


[+] The "Subcategories" template for the block content that displays subcategories nested one level lower from the current one has been added.


February 2018


[+] The trial period for the add-on has been added.


December 2017


[+] The license key validation has been added.


August 2017


[!] Preview size images were loaded instead of full size ones. Fixed.