Generation Z Theme for Marketplace only

Provide a hassle-free surfing process on any device


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Generation Z Theme is designed with a focus on UX and UI elements of the young generation, the rising shopping power of the next years. The theme has an option to change color schemes to please the constantly changing next generation tastes. The range of color palettes was selected based on the latest design trends. Tangerine Jam or Island Moth, your online store will stay fabulous all the time. The UX and UI effects consider the behavioral patterns of Gen Zers who prefer to swipe and scroll, a simplified navigation to hope between tabs, impressive banners to get a quick path to promotional campaigns, sharing buttons to engage friends with their preferences. The Generation Z Theme got a functionality to remind about the last actions to the visitor. It also offers a handy tool to quickly view the shopping cart. Designers made a provision in the design template to retain wandering minds of new shoppers with a smart arrangement of elements on the storefront.


Generation Z is all about

  • large inventories whatever your business area is (electronic accessories,vehicles, apparel, food, online tours - every area of interest with Gen Zers). This template is a burst of colors to retain the youngsters’ attention at first glance and make them buy;
  • rich with features for active online surfers (scrolling, swiping, smart navigation and so on), all the UX- and UI trends implemented to make the user journey enjoyable and easy and convert better;
  • cross-device use and responsiveness to provide a hassle free surfing process on any device.

Generation Z ensures your site loads faster and converts more on smartphones. It comes out with multiple features tailored for cross-device use (especially mobile), social media sharing (with emphasis on visual content - Instagram). The site navigation elements are accompanied with the icons for better customer experience. The theme has 5 styles: Default, Cherry, Iceland Moss, Light Black, and Tangerine Jam. These styles were designed user-friendly and look awesome on desktop and mobile.

On Desktop:

On Mobile:

Key Features

  • Configurable mobile layout settings;
  • Highlighting tools to catch customers’ eyes;
  • Interactive keyboard navigation on site;
  • Simplified navigation designed for better SEO;
  • Background image for sign in & authorization page;
  • Improved functionality to introduce your promos with specific icons;
  • Orders highlighted with different colors depending on status;
  • Order page interface improved to allow customers to see up to three products on the order list;
  • Elastic blocks in the page layouts;
  • Icons for promotions;
  • Different theme color schemes;
  • Product images in orders;
  • Manually and automatically closing individual notifications;
  • The positioning of promotions applied to the order in the shopping cart.

Optimized for

  • Marketplaces
  • Wholesale
  • Large Catalog
  • Sales & Discounts
  • All-in-one stores
  • Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop
  • Socially active users

Improved navigation

  • The catalog with product categories expands on button click and is now available next to the search bar;
  • Interactive keyboard navigation on site;
  • The first-level category page now shows the number of products in the category, its sub-categories as well as sibling categories.


Product categories display

Our second goal was to give young consumers a cool mobile experience and here our main challenge was to enhance a product search functionality. We implemented a new scrolling pattern: the horizontal scrolling container used to display a set number of products and it wasn’t clear whether there are more products to see if you continue scrolling, now the scroll view prompts that there is more content to see. It does so by showing the product images picking out from the screen edges.


  • New mobile layout templates for responsive design;
  • Hamburger menu;
  • Enhanced search functionality;
  • Scrolling with a visual hint that a set of content is horizontally scrollable.

Designed for building brand recognition

Setting up the look and feel of the page header with a chosen storefront theme was painful for many CS-Cart store owners due to limited possibilities of page layout block manager – blocks had fixed sizes. They had to request customization services to get the header the way they wanted. For the Gen Z theme, we have a new script that allows blocks of the header to be elastic – for example, when adjusting the size of the logo block, the size of the search bar block adjusts automatically to the changed size of the logo block, and there is no more need to request customization service to do that.

The standart size of the logo block

Enlarged logo block, the search bar block adapts

Reduced logo block, the search bar block adapts

Apart from that, there are a number of fancy little things store owners will be able to do for their brand identity, like, changing the background image in the authorization form, setting icons for promotions, highlighting orders and many more.


The theme is compatible with Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus, Multi-Vendor Ultimate 4.9.0 , 4.10.4 and above.Installation service is free.

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


January 2020


[+] A sticky panel for a product details page has been added.

[~] The theme has been adapted to Multi-Vendor 4.11.2.

[!] The discount label was replaced with the default one when performing the ajax request. Fixed.

[!] The Enter your price field displayed incorrectly. Fixed.



[+]  The display of the messenger of the Ask seller a question add-on has been changed.

[+] The display of the page with the form type (of the Form Builder add-on) has been changed.

[~] The Back button on the authorization and registration pages has been changed.

[~] The layout of the list of the buttons on the authorization and registration pages has been changed. 

[~] The appearance of the main content on the authorization page has been improved.

[~] The display of components of the Ask seller a question add-on has been improved.

[~] The display of a user group list has been improved.

[~]  The display of a registration block on a landing page has been improved.

[~] Styles for tags have been improved.

[~] The components of input fields and a selectbox have been improved.

[~] A profile edit page has been improved.

[~] A vendor registration page has been improved.

[~] A customer registration page has been improved.

[!] The search filters disappeared on My Orders page if a search result was empty.


December 2019


[+] The LazyLoad for product images has been added.

[!] Input fields icons shifted in the authorization pop-up on checkout. Fixed.

[!] There were extra spaces near brackets when applying points on the checkout. Fixed.

[!] The button of product removal shifted in active state on the checkout. Fixed.

[!] The error messages multiplied on the gift certificates page. Fixed.

[-] The Pages navigation option has been removed for banners with the Carousel template.


November 2019


[~] Graphic demo banners have been added.



[+] The theme has been adapted to Multi-Vendor 4.11.


[+] The display of the page with the form type (of the Form Builder add-on) has been changed.