Multi-Vendor Software (Enhanced)

An advanced shopping cart tool for online marketplaces and virtual shopping malls with independent vendor.

Key Features: 

- PaaS business model  

- configurable monetization options  

- mini-store and admin panels for every vendor

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Multi-Vendor Only Features

Multi-Vendor is a professional marketplace software. This advanced open source code e-commerce platform is PHP-based using MySQL database technology to store data and Smarty template engine to build website look and feel.

cs cart multi vendor templates

Multi-Vendor Software for your new marketplace


Multi-Vendor is an online marketplace platform: you launch a Multi-Vendor-based eCommerce mall and invite online vendors. They get their own mini-stores on your internet marketplace and showcase their products on the shared storefront. Vendors sell their products and you get a commission. Multi-Vendor is a perfect ecommerce mall solution to build an eBay-like marketplace.


Top Notch Features




✓ Multiple Vendor Accounts 

✓ Multiple levels of administrative access

✓ Configurable vendor plans

✓ Flexible product approval system

✓ Advanced Vendor Restrictions

✓ Act on behalf of a vendor

✓ Advanced vendor payout system

✓ Vendor debt payout

✓ Detailed statistics and reports

✓ Customizable One-Page Checkout

✓ Built-in blog


✓ Separate mini store and admin panel  for every vendor

✓ 26 built-in translations

✓ Real-time and manual shipping calculations

✓ Customer-to-vendor communication

✓ Comments and reviews

✓ Vendor Locations

✓ Built-in marketing tools (loyalty programs, SEO, product promotions)

✓ Advanced order management system

✓ Vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics


More features:

  • Built-in import / export tool
  • Bulk product editing
  • Vendor-specific categories
  • Customizable product variations
  • Stock control, low stock notifications
  • Over 70 integrated payment methods
  • Return merchandise authorization
  • Built-in layout editor
  • Responsive themes
  • On-site content editing
  • Built-in database backup / restore tool
  • Built-in blog
  • SEO
  • Cross-selling tools
  • Call requests
  • Abandoned carts
  • Data feeds



Admin features in more detail

Multiple Vendor Accounts 
Every vendor has its own account in your store. There are no limits on the number of vendor accounts in your project, so you can grow and expand your online venture to almost any extent without any additional shopping cart development.Multiple Vendor Accounts
Root Administrator Access
As a website owner, you will get root store administrator access to all web store settings and options. You get total control over the sales, product catalog, and other activities of your vendors with proper ecommerce integration.
Multiple Levels of Administrative Access
Delegate certain duties to your staff members. The Multi-Vendor platform allows registering employees and set different levels of access to the admin panel.
Configurable Vendor Plans

Create subscription plans for vendors with different conditions and limitations. 

First of all, apart from commissions, it allows you to take a monthly fee from vendors for selling in your marketplace.

Secondly, with vendor plans, commissions are pre-set for each plan, and a new vendor just picks the most suitable option. The vendor plans functionality will save you from troubles with setting commissions for vendors manually.

Flexible product approval system

Make product management simple and efficient. In Multi-Vendor, product approval is flexible and handy at the same time. You will have 3 options:

You can let your vendors showcase products without moderation.

Check every product added by vendors.

Allow certain vendors to add products without moderation.

Besides, you can choose either to approve product updates or let vendors update product details without moderation.

Advanced Vendor Restrictions

Take full control over a vendor’s admin panel—enable and disable menus and set privileges. This way you can hide unnecessary menus and interface elements in the vendor panel and leave only those that are frequently used by a vendor.

For example, a vendor selling downloadable products doesn’t need the shipping methods menu. Hide it from the vendor panel to make the interface lighter and clearer.

Advanced Vendor Payout System

Use automatic or manual vendor payouts.

Automatic payouts are carried out via a built-in "PayPal for Marketplaces" payment method. It distributes the payment between vendors and sends commissions to your account.


With PayPal for Marketplaces customers can pay for their orders in bulk—payments are not split into multiple steps when a customer buys products from more than 5 vendors. Plus you can get refunds via PayPal for Marketplaces. Handy!


And if you need to make a manual payment, you can use the vendor accounting feature to record each payout.

Track payable amounts individually for every single vendor. The root store administrator distributes all of the money between vendors in accordance with the history of orders.

Vendor debt payout
Motivate your vendors to pay you in time. The Vendor Debt Payout function pairs with Vendor plans and allows you to block the admin panels of those vendors whose debt has reached the limit or who didn’t pay for their plan in time.
Detailed statistics and reports

Feel the pulse of your marketplace. 

Google Analytics integrated in Multi-Vendor will generates detailed statistics about your website visitors. It gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Sales reports will give you detailed statistics on the sales in your marketplace. Statistics may be represented in a form of graphical or tabular charts. For convenience, charts are grouped into separate reports.


Vendor features in more detail

Separate Mini Store for Every Vendor
Let vendors promote your online mall. In Multi-Vendor eCommerce software, sellers can have a micro store right inside your marketplace. Micro stores contain: vendor company description, logo, products, product filter for vendor items. The micro store URL contains the vendor company name. Vendors can share it to attract customers to your marketplace. It can be promoted as a separate store per se.
ecommerce multiple storefronts
Individual admin panel

Provide each vendor with a separate admin panel. It will allow your vendors to manage their own settings and products.

Vendor panels include just what vendors need and are allowed to modify in your marketplace. Vendors will not interfere with each other.

cs cart multi vendor templates
In Multi-Vendor your merchants can:

- Manage their orders, products, filters, options, and features

- Add vendor administrators with different access levels to the admin panel

- Add different informational pages, polls, forms, and links

- View vendor account balance

- Set shipping methods and taxes

- Choose currency and language

- Import or export products and orders

26 Built-In Translations

Attract vendors from different countries. You are not bound by language limitations. Multi-Vendor includes 26 translations out of the box.

It is not a machine-based but a community-driven translation made by native speakers. Language variables are translated for all sections: storefront, admin, and vendor panels

Real-time and Manual Shipping Calculations
Make the life of your vendors easier. Vendors can use 8 world-famous shipping methods ( including DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx) for real-time shipping calculations. No need to search for add-ons or make an integration. This is the default Multi-Vendor functionality. Allow your vendors set their own manual shipping methods. The system is quite flexible: shipping charges can depend on customer’s location, total order cost, weight, and even the number of items in the order.
Different Vendor’s Products in One Cart
Your customers can place all chosen products from several vendors in one shopping cart and pay only once as a single order. That single order will be automatically divided into several orders with each vendor supplying the purchased items separately.
Customer-to-vendor communication

Enable you customers to send messages to your vendors. You just can’t know everything about every product in your marketplace. And customers often have questions. Connect your customers with your vendors so that the latter could answer the customer’s questions about a product.

With the Customer-to-Vendor Communication function, customers can send a message to vendors right from the product page. It makes products more attractive for buying and helps to convert visitors into paying customers.

Comments and reviews

Multi-Vendor offers the feedback and review system with an interactive star rating. Customers can comment and rate vendors, products, categories, and orders.

Paid-for positive reviews are useless as customers want to see honest opinions about sellers and their products. With this in mind, we made it so that comments and reviews in Multi-Vendor are moderated by the store administrator, not vendors.

Vendor Locations

Allow you vendors to set their locations so that they could receive more orders from local customers. The Vendor Locations function allows you to display a map with all the vendors in the chosen location, enable product filtering by distance from the customer’s location, show nearby vendors on the marketplace homepage, and more.

The Vendor Locations function allows customers to support local vendors, receive orders sooner, and easily find nearest vendors.

Loyalty program
Encourage customers to buy more and shop regularly. With Multi-Vendor, your sellers can launch loyalty programs via a built-in "Reward points" system. It lets customers earn and spend points for purchases.
Vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics

Give your vendors an advanced analytics tool. With Multi-Vendor shopping cart software, your sellers can view detailed statistics on their sales in your marketplace. Like the store administrator, sellers can view graphical or tabular charts.

Besides, vendors can view their account balance to track all payouts and commissions taken by the store administrator. Sellers can also review the income and expenditure statistics: total and per period.

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Lifetime license

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30-day money back guarantee

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