Product Labels

Improve customers experience and increase your profit


This product is electronically distributed.

  • Highlight specific products

Focus on special offers, new arrivals, sales, deal of the day, and best sellers. 

  • Simplify search process

Use eye-catching labels to emphasize product categories and promotions.

  • Use multiple labels for each product

Attribute as many standard or custom labels as you want to one product at the same time.


Attract your customers with exciting label images and call-to-action texts. The CS-Cart Product Labels add-on allows to show unlimited promotional tags like New, Hit, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Season, New Collection, Only today, Free Setup, or Present... and much more!

Choose standard categories or add custom labels to create urgency & FOMO. Let your customers filter products by labels to simplify the search process. Choose text colour and label background to make product pages. Bulk edit the selected items to save time. Increase your customers’ shopping experience: engage shoppers and reduce bounce rate with Product Labels!

Key Features

  • Assign labels to specific products;
  • Create custom labels;
  • Mark products as “New” automatically;
  • Highlight special offers;
  • Multiple tags for each product;
  • Filter products by label;
  • Export/import labels in CVS format;
  • Bulk edit selected products;
  • Attract customers with bright and contrast labels;
  • Choose text colour and background;
  • Easy-to-install, no coding skills required.
  • Hide labels on hovering

Product Labels



User Guide

Learn more about the add-on in our User Guide.


If you need help, please contact us via our help desk system.

Product type:
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1 SP1
  • 4.15.1 SP2
  • 4.15.1 SP3
  • 4.15.1 SP4
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.14.2. SP1
  • 4.14.1 SP1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.12.2 SP1
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.11.5
  • 4.11.4
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.11
  • 4.10.x

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


December 2022

v. 4.10.25

[fixed] The error occurred on the label creation is fixed

[changed] Ability to select either browser or custom label is added

July 2022

v. 4.10.24

[fixed] Label creation error is fixed

May 2022

v. 4.10.23

[added] Labels data types returned to PWAjet via API are adapted

February 2022

v. 4.10.22

[added] Ability to apply parental product labels to the child variations is added

[added] The label existence check is added

[fixed] Incorrect work of "Maximum number of labels to display" setting is fixed

December 2021

v. 4.10.21

[fixed] Fatal error occurred on usage of the preinstalled theme labels is fixed

v. 4.10.20

[fixed] Labels display error in the PWAJet application is fixed

v. 4.10.19

[changed] The add-on filters are adapted to the PWAjet application

[changed] The add-on is adapted to the PWAjet application

November 2021

v. 4.10.18

[fixed] Notices on a label setting page in debug mode are fixed

October 2021

v. 4.10.17

[added] New label "Buy in advance" is added

[changed] "Out of stock" label is not applied to the product with available preorder


[added] The 'Product is running out' label is added

July 2021

v. 4.10.15

[added] Ability to hide labels on hover on products image/card is added

June 2021

Version v4.10.11

[added] The adaptation to the Common Products for Vendors add-on is added

April 2021

Version v4.10.10

[fixed] The label filters are not deleted with the deletion of the label

Version v4.10.9

[changed] The add-on is adapted to RTL

[fixed] The incorrect work of the module with cs-cart v.4.10.1 is fixed

[fixed] Getting images request without graphics labels is changed

February 2021

Version v4.10.8

[added] Label presence check is added

Version v4.10.7

[removed] The New label was removed from the Marketplace fees product

[added] The 'Apply tooltip to all languages' checkbox has been added to the label properties

[added] The ability to export\import labels has been added

[added] The Out of stock label has been added. It is assigned automatically to the put-of-stock products

January 2021

Version v4.10.6

[added] The ability to customize the size of images of graphic labels for the product details page separately from product lists has been added

December 2020

Version v4.10.5

[fixed] Sorting of labels in the filter by position did not work

Version v4.10.4

[removed] The out-of-date script call has been removed

November 2020

Version v4.10.0.3

[added] The add-on has been adapted to the new template of the Generation Z Theme

[added] Display of labels has been adapted to the Grid template of Generation Z Theme

[added] The add-on has been adapted to the Rome Theme Front Pack

October 2020

Version v4.10.2

[changed] The Products viewer section has been renamed to Products list layouts

[added] The ability to show/hide labels on the Products list layouts block templates has been added

[changed] The structure of displaying the add-on settings has been changed

[changed] A hint for the Products list layouts section has been added

[added] A new Use theme labels status has been added for standard labels (Discount, Free shipping). New status allows you to display the theme label instead of the add-on label

August 2020

Version v4.10.1

[changed] The add-on has been refactored

March 2020


[+] The setting Show only on the product details page has been added.


February 2020


[!] An error occurred when downloading the update via the Upgrade Center. Fixed.


January 2020


[+] The setting Show only on details page has been added.



[!] Cron jobs did not work. Fixed.



[!] The add-on's name did not display when updating via the Upgrade Center. Fixed.


December 2019


[+] The add-on has been adapted to AB: Video Gallery add-on on Unitheme 1.

[!] Labels displayed incorrectly in the block with filters. Fixed.


November 2019


[+] Settings for the usage of a default free shipping label and a discount label have been added.

[!] Labels displayed incorrectly on the Rome Theme. Fixed.

[!] Labels displayed incorrectly in the Similar products block on the product details page.

[!] Settings for changing the size of graphic labels did not work correctly. Fixed.


October 2019


[!] The update via the Upgrade Centrer did not work. Fixed.


September 2019


[!] The Free Shipping label displayed together with the default one. Fixed.



[!] Product labels overlapped the images preview on the product details page. Fixed.


June 2019


[+] The add-on has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.10.


April 2019


[!] The filter checkboxes were not displaying. Fixed.


November 2018


[+] The automatic deletion of the New and Hit labels have been added.

[~] The recommended frequency of running the cron script has been added to the add-on settings.

[~] The notification has been added if no Hit product was found.

[~] The notification has been added if no New product was found.



[~] The labels were centered on the product comparison page.


October 2018


[~] The add-on has been adapted to the Responsive Admin Panel.


September 2018


[!] The default discounts were displayed incorrectly if the product had labels. Fixed.


July 2018


[~] The cron settings have been improved on the Cron tab in the add-on settings. Now the real value of the admin.php and CRON_PASSWORD are displayed.



[~] The add-on has been adapted to the third-party UniTheme theme.


June 2018


[+] The search page by labels for all products has been added. For example,

[!] Labels were not displayed in the search results in layouts. Fixed.

[!] The filter by labels worked incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] It was impossible to create custom labels due to the error and incompatibility with PHP 7.0. Fixed.

[!] The PHP Warnings was shown in the Error log file. Fixed.


April 2018


[+] The ability to use images for labels on the product detail page and category page has been added.

[+] The ability to manage labels position on product image has been added.


December 2017


[+] The license key validation has been added.


October 2017


[!] Custom labels did not appear in the horizontal filter. Fixed.


June 2017


[+] Custom labels became available.

[!] The filters were not deleted when the add-on was uninstalled. Fixed.


April 2017


[+] Automatic labels were created.


October sprint


[!] The add-on's description was translated into Russian if the admin panel was not in English. Fixed.


Earlier changes

[~] The add-on was proved to be compatible with PHP7.

[!] The filters were not deleted when the add-on was uninstalled. Fixed.