Publish your PWAjet store on App Store and Google Play accounts

Upload your PWAjet based mobile applications of your store/marketplace to Google Play and App Store


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A lot of new opportunities for your business development could be available for you by publishing your online store/marketplace mobile application on App Store and Google Play.

Just as any internet store needs regular customers, web-application requires a complex promotion strategy.


Such instruments as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Apple Search Ads and Twitter Campaigns will be available for advertising your online store/marketplace, once its mobile application is published on App Store and Google Play platforms. Presence of your app on these markets not only makes new ways of store promotion and development available for you. It also positively influences the level of loyalty to your brand, conversion and sale rate, user experience and popularity of your store among customers.

Application publishing on App Store requires completion of the following stages:

  • Gather App Information
  • Create a Bundle Identifier
  • Create a Certificate Signing Request
  • Create an App Store Production Certificate
  • Create a Production Provisioning Profile
  • Create App Store Listing
  • Make the release build
  • Fill in Version Information
  • Submit Version for Review
  • Release the app

Publication of your web application on Google Play requires completion of the following stages:

  • Create a Developer Account
  • Create Payments Center Profile
  • Create an App
  • Prepare Store Listing such as product details, graphic assets, languages and translations, categorization, contact details, privacy policy, and others required
  • Upload Android Package Kit to an App release
  • Provide content rating
  • Set up Pricing and Distribution
  • Rollout Release to Publish Your App

All of it can be done by your own efforts. But be prepared that you will have to figure out each of the steps by yourself. Also, an application review process could take a long time. In almost every case, the first attempt to publish an app is declined because of various reasons.

Due to the difficulty of the process, you can order a publication service by our specialists. You can save your time and effort, instead of handling the issue on your own.

Provide us with data mentioned in our check-list, in order to upload PWAjet based mobile application on App Store and Google Play. Pay attention that all apps are presented for review on behalf of Simtech Development. Once the review process is successfully passed, we delegate all rights to your account.