PWAJet application

Mobile device users can install a store application to their home screen for a faster and more convenient interface


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PWAjet for CS-Cart Store

PWAjet is installed as a standard add-on in the admin panel of your online store and configured by our experts within 3 working days*.

As a result, you get a ready-made web application based on PWA and SPA technologies, which can be saved to the home screen of your customers’ mobiles in two ways:

  1. via a link from the mobile version of your online store;
  2. as an app from the App Store or Google Play.

*upon the receipt of necessary accesses provided by the store owner to the developer.

Why your business needs a web application

  • New sales channel;
  • Improved customer loyalty and a large base of regular customers;
  • Increased mobile conversion;
  • Increased number of orders made from mobiles;
  • High Lifetime Value - customers stay with you for a long time and make repeat purchases;
  • Low Customer Acquisition Cost - you can easily retarget mobile users who visited your online store/marketplace but abandoned.

Why PWAjet is more than just a quick solution of your business needs

  • Improved UX/UI to engage your customers with a simple, fast, and functional interface;
  • PWAjet is much cheaper than a native mobile application; configuration takes just 3 days;
  • High speed of page loading on your customer's mobile devices;
  • PWAjet is safer than native apps because it has less access to the functions and data of the mobile devices, works by by HTTPS protocol;
  • Professional support and updates.

What your customers will definitely like

  • The PWAjet app doesn't require downloading updates to smartphones;
  • Store visitors can share a link to the page from the app;
  • PWAjet supports offline work. It is especially convenient on the subway, outside the city and in remote areas with unstable internet;
  • Access to the online store becomes easier, purchases from mobile devices - more convenient.


What is PWAjet?

In simple words, it is a CS-Cart mobile theme that combines the advantages of PWA (Progressive Web Application) and SPA (Single Page Application) technologies.

Buyers from mobile devices (usually more than 50% of the audience) don’t check out, because the mobile version is overloaded/works slowly/doesn’t display correctly on all devices.

Due to PWA and SPA technologies, the online store owners receive their own web application that helps to solve these problems.

Progressive Web Applications are characterized by reliability, speed, and attractiveness:

  • reliable - the application loads immediately, regardless of the status and quality of the network connection.
  • fast - data exchange over the network is fast, the UI is smooth and responsive.
  • engaging - the interface of PWAjet was created as a lightweight and convenient solution that attracts users with its simplicity, speed of work, and functionality.

How does it work?

PWAjet is based on a single-page application approach or SPA. The most important feature of SPA is Client-Side Rendering or CSR. Both approaches, CSR and SPA, go side by side. SPA interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the page URL without actually going to a new page. Thanks to CSR, only those pieces of a web page will be re-rendered that need to be updated. The page loading speed increases significantly. All these features create a feeling of using a native app.

Let your customers use the site even offline, and give them the best of class mobile experience.

Key features

  • Seamless connection with CS-Cart, Multi-Vendor, CS-Cart Ultimate, Multi-Vendor Ultimate, or Multi-Vendor Plus solution
  • Instant load speed
  • Ready for high loads
  • Offline operation
  • Native mobile app look-and-feel
  • SEO-friendly
  • Google authentication
  • Support of payment methods available in the latest CS-Cart version
  • Support of all shipping methods available in the latest CS-Cart version
  • Add to Homepage: configurable splash-screen
  • Ability to connect analytics systems
  • Cross-platform: runs on any device supporting the latest HTML versions
  • Ability to add styles
  • Configurable pages using the block manager


The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.12 and above.

Need compatibility with another CS-Cart version? Contact us now.

User Guide

Learn more about PWAjet in our User Guide.


PWAjet is developed and published by Simtech Development, a CS-Cart developer. We guarantee quality and support by future versions. If you need help, please contact us via our Help Desk System

June 2021



[added] The ability to add the user code on the web-application page is added

[added] The "Disable indexing" setting is added to the PWAjet add-on

[changed] A hint for the "Developer Mode" setting is added to the PWAjet add-on

[changed] Newest, Bestsellers, Sales links generation support is added

[fixed] 'No image' error in a "Blog" block during the manual filling of the Article block is fixed

[fixed] Language variables are updated

[changed] Subscribe/unsubsribe logic for PWAjet email product back in stock notification is changed

[fixed] Coupon feature is improved for Guest customers

[changed] The add-on is adapted to cs-cart and MV version 4.13.1


[fixed] One-click buy is unavailable when the Call Request add-on is deactivated

[fixed] The cart acquiring error is fixed for several product groups of different vendors and with no shipping methods set up

May 2021

v 1.1.1


[fixed] Error occurred when using the Paypal payment method is fixed

[changed] Character escaping for language variables has been added

[changed] The _storefront_rest_api.guests_cant_add_products_to_cart language variable has been added

[added] The Turn off redirection to Frontend URL setting has been added

[added] The link to redirect from mobile version to desktop one and from desktop version to mobile one has been added

[fixed] URLs containing dots were parsed incorrectly

[fixed] The application called a non-existent function mime_content_type

[added] The PWAjet: Order barcode integration add-on has been added

[added] The update of precache manifest revisions has been added to service worker

[added] The ability to extend PWAjet functionality with add-ons has been added

[changed] Adapted for v. 4.12.1

[added] Multiple storefront support for MV

[fixed] Blog type articles can be added to the article block manually

[added] Guests are able to work with the cart and make orders

[added] payment_code for payment methods in API answer is added

[added] The new Entity for Call Request (buy with one click) is added

[fixed] The use of array_key_last function is removed

[feature] Add limit and sort by settings to SPA list blocks

[added] Product subscribe REST is added

[fixed] The error that occurs when the admin with company_id=0 got Not Found answer is fixed

[fixed] Language variables are updated

[added] The IP Geolocation by MaxMind add-on is adapted to PWAjet

[fixed] Several code errors that caused PHP notices are fixed

[changed] PHP version 7.3 is set as a minimum for the add-on

[changed] The template mode for categories, vendors, products and articles blocks is added

[fixed] Save of the custom files in static is fixed

[fixed] Checkout of the order, placed by the guest issue is fixed

[added] Delivery price calculating depended on the client's location is added on the detailed product page

[added] The accept_terms for quick order checkout is added

[fixed] URL for PWA are generated without the .html extension

[added] The rel="alternate" tag is added to the web interface

[added] The new SraBmPageContent REST that transfers the block data in the updated format is added

[fixed] Email existence is checked, if the guest updates the data on the cart page

[added] The application can be downloaded from the Admin Panel


[added] Interval retries of some unsuccessful requests caused by problems with network connection have been added

[fixed] Search button was duplicated in mobile template mode

[fixed] 404 errors could occur in some cases when updating the application

[added] Checkbox support has been added to the dynamic forms component

[added] The ability to load ESM for blocks has been added

[added] Required form fields were marked with the symbol *

[fixed] The form for personal data when placing the order could be skipped even if it was not filled in

[fixed] Shipping method could not be selected at checkout in some cases

[changed] Now data transformation functions subscribed as listeners for parserSubscriber.emit events must be asynchronous

[added] RequestSubscriber has been added to the PWAjet API. It allows modifying existing requests to the backend

[added] Negation has been added to element selection logic

[changed] The priority of custom styles has been increased

[added] The ability for third-party extensions to register their own API (like PWAjet's) has been added

[added] Extending requests to API has been performed

[fixed] The width of the logo changed when switching between the homepage and other pages

[changed] Display of the order list in the personal account has been redesigned

[added] Product images have been added to the order details

[added] The Show All button has been added to search results

[added] The price was cut off on the Add to Cart button in some cases

[added] The ability to register third-party components as screens for the application has been added

[removed] Unused modal windows for authorization, profile, and menu have been removed

[changed] Modal windows have been reworked to use Material-UI

[fixed] Modal windows broke when dynamically loading components

[fixed] iframe height with online payment was incorrect

[changed] Padding of the menu at the bottom of the screen for iOS devices that support env CSS has been added

[fixed] Filters for products in subcategories were displayed on category pages

[added] The error output has been added to the profile details when updating profile information

[fixed] The form validity indicator was late for input

[added] The View result button has been added to product filters

[fixed] The block with filters closed on mobile devices when changing them

[added] Button component has been added to API

[changed] Primary and secondary buttons have been refactored and rewritten through the Material-UI component

[added] The ability to subscribe to the component render event has been added

[added] paymentService has been added to PWAjet API (pwajet.core.paymentService for registering other payment methods with add-ons)

[changed] The logic of online payments has been changed. Now the online payment component is on a separate page with a specific address

[added] The ability to register components as blocks have been added

[added] Internal API with available internal and external resources has been added

[added] Sharing of third-party libraries has been added

[added] Loading of language polyfills has been added

[added] webpack-bundle-analyzer has been added

[changed] moment.js has been changed for date-fns

[added] The button for clearing filters has been added

[changed] Languages variables have been improved

[added] A notification about the possibility of installing the application on iOS has been added

[added] The native notification has been replaced with a custom one on Android devices

[added] The banner manager to display information and related actions has been added

[changed] Compatibility of carousels with RTL languages has been improved

[added] The name field has been added to the Leave a review form for cases when anonymous comments are allowed in the store settings

[removed] The barcode functionality has been removed from the application

[added] Mechanism for connecting extension files has been added

[added] Mechanism and documentation for caching manifest extension for extensions have been added

[added] The ability to embed in the component tree by subscribing to component render events has been added

[added] Notifier component based on bootstrap Alert has been added. The use of Alert was switched to Notifier

[changed] The size of the Add To Wishlist and Add To Cart buttons has been increased

[fixed] Text in labels was aligned incorrectly

[fixed] A click area for dropdown menu items in tiered breadcrumbs was incorrect

[added] Support for common products has been added

[changed] Styles for displaying menu items in a row have been added

[added] RTL languages support has been added

[changed] Bootstrap library has been updated

[added] Display of the product quantity selector and the Buy button next to the price of the product on the desktop has been added

[changed] Function for determining the type of template has been optimized

[changed] The Payment method block on the Checkout page has been moved

[changed] The lower navigation panel is changed (labels are removed, logo is adapted)

[changed] Long title shortening concept is changed in list blocks

[added] The type of "Home" button display as a logo is added

[fixed] Product align to grid is fixed in the lists

[changed] Decoration improvements of product purchase blocks on mobile devices

[changed] Width of categories in the list is fixed, the titles abbreviation is changed

[changed] Icon placing in cart is fixed and product quantity entry field is changed

[changed] Add product to the cart error messages on a cart page are changed

[added] Add to wishlist suggestion is added in case of add to the cart failure

[changed] The list of products added to the cart is simplified

[added] The new application update notification banner is added

[added] 'Share' button on the product page is added