Rome Theme Front Pack

Give your customers a genuine taste of “life in Rome”

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Impress your store visitors right at the first sight with the Rome Theme Front Pack.

Thanks to the storefront layout, the theme can be adapted to a wide range of products from tableware to sporting goods. Its subtle and minimalist design elements keep the visitors’ focus on the products. As they are shown vividly in neat and clean blocks.

The theme is fully responsive, so your site can be displayed flawlessly on any devices: PCs, laptops, Tablet or mobiles.

9 extra addons

  • Smart Mega Menu - adjust and customize your menu block with labels, icons, templates and banners provided by Smart Mega Menu.
  • Back to Top Button - make it easier for your customers to get to top/bottom of the page.
  • Blocks Animation - various animation effects for layout blocks.
  • Hamburger Menu - a hamburger menu icon which simplifies store navigation.
  • Product Labels - eye-catching product labels like “New”, “Hit”, “Cyber Monday”, ”Sale”.
  • Product Likes - allow your customers to like their favourite products.
  • Wishlist Pop-up - create a pop-up with a wish list, comparison list, and cart contents on all pages
  • Show Me More - involve your customers in purchasing more products.
  • Sticky Menu - keep the menu always visible at the top while scrolling down the page.

Home page


Product page


Catalog page


Smart Mega Menu


Back to Top Button


Blocks Animation


Hamburger Menu


Product Labels


Wishlist Pop-up


Show me more


Sticky Menu


User Guide

Learn more about the front pack in our User Guide.

Product type:
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1 SP1
  • 4.15.1 SP2
  • 4.15.1 SP3
  • 4.15.1 SP4
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.14.2. SP1
  • 4.14.1 SP1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.12.2 SP1
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.11.5
  • 4.11.4
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.11
  • 4.10.x
  • 4.9.x
  • 4.8.x
  • 4.7.x
  • 4.6.x
  • 4.5.x
  • 4.4.x
  • 4.3.x

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


December 2022

v. 4.15.1

[changed] Theme is adapted to CS-Cart 4.15.1

May 2022

v. 4.14.2

[changed] Theme is adapted to CS-Cart v.4.14.3

November 2021

v. 4.13.2

[added] The theme version is visible

September 2021

v. 4.13.1

[changed] Smart Mega Menu demo menus and Sticky Header sticky panel are added to the theme layout

July 2021

v. 4.10.9

[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart 4.13.1

December 2020

Version v4.10.0.6

[changed] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.12.1

September 2020

Version v4.10.0.5

[changed] Display of an owl carousel preloader has been changed

[changed] Wish List Add-on: The Add to comparison list button has been replaced with a text one

[changed] Templates were updated

April 2020


[!] Modal windows had the wrong height. Fixed.


November 2019


[+] The update of a cart by ajax on the Cart contents page has been added.

[~] The Recalculate button on the Cart contents page has been removed.


June 2019


[!] The Theme Editor didn't work. Fixed



[+] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.10.


legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


April 2018


[+] The product catalog is now displayed in two columns. 

[+] The ability to add products from the home page has been added. 

[+] The ability to access the administration panel has been added to the demo store. 

[~] The styles of the Product Label add-on has been improved. 

[~] The display of the Wishlist Pop-up add-on has been improved for the mobile version. 

[~] The subscription notification form displaying has been improved. 

[~] The discount label displaying has been changed for the mobile version. 

[~] The banners displaying has been changed for the mobile version.