Vanilla Theme

Impress your users with “fashion as art” theme


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Visual part of the design is the key point for any fashion theme. Vanilla theme is not an exception. Instead of long texts it pleases the visitors with quality images and shows the product at its best. The full-width slider, simple and clean fonts, featured products - all this adds to the appearance of the site.

Look how eye-catching blog images are. Keeping a blog will allow you to attract customer attention with latest fashion trends.

Responsive design automatically adjusts your website to any screen resolution without losing the content. This helps to reach more people even from their mobile phones.

Extra add-ons

  • Advanced Social Buttons - allow your customers to share products and pages with their friends on their favorite social networks.
  • Full-width Banner - impressive full-width banners for your online store.

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Product type:
  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.15.1 SP1
  • 4.15.1 SP2
  • 4.15.1 SP3
  • 4.15.1 SP4
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.14.2. SP1
  • 4.14.1 SP1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.12.2 SP1
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.11.5
  • 4.11.4
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.11
  • 4.10.x
  • 4.9.x

legend: [!] fixed  bug, [~] minor changes, [+] new functionality, [-] deleted functionality 


January 2023

v. 4.15.3

[fixed] Skipping of Full-width Banner add-on settings is fixed

[changed] Theme has been adapted to CS-Cart v. 4.15.2

November 2022

v. 4.15.2

[fixed] Incorrect header display is fixed

July 2022

v. 4.15.1

[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart 4.15.1

April 2022

v. 4.14.3

[changed] "Standard Template" product template redirect data to "Big Picture" template

March 2022

v. 4.14.2

[fixed] Incorrect display of 'Swiper' image previewer is fixed

December 2021


[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart v.4.14.1

v. 4.13.8, v. 4.14.1

[fixed] Incorrect display of the social networks buttons provided by Advanced Social Buttons add-on is fixed

November 2021

v. 4.13.7

[fixed] Incorrect display of the admin toolbar in CS-Cart 4.13.3 is fixed

[added] The theme version is visible

v. 4.13.6

[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart 4.13.3

October 2021

v. 4.13.5

[fixed] Blank space on the left side of the image on the product page is fixed

September 2021

v. 4.13.4

[added] Product variations stylization is added

July 2021

v. 4.13.3

[fixed] Cart block update error occurred when the product which description uses additional styles is added via Quick View is fixed

June 2021

v. 4.13.2

[fixed] Caching error occurred on the adding product to the cart is fixed


[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart 4.13.1

March 2021


[fixed] "Add to cart" button is centered in mobile version

[fixed] Horizontal scroller on categories page is fixed in mobile version

[changed] The theme is adapted to CS-Cart v.4.12.2.SP1

[added] The new rule of caching is added

February 2021

Version v4.12.0.3

[changed] The theme is adapted to RTL languages

Version v4.12.0.2

[fixed] Blocks were not reloaded in quick view when switching product variants to variations

[fixed] Items in the hamburger menu block did not work correctly when AJAX requests were executed

November 2020

Version v4.11.0.8

[fixed] The table stretched out of the window in the quick view of the certificate

[fixed] Certificates were displayed incorrectly in the cart

[fixed] Certificates were counted incorrectly in the wishlist

[fixed] The buttons on the certificate registration page were displayed incorrectly

[fixed] The quick view button for the certificate was displayed incorrectly

[fixed] The icons in the order list were displayed incorrectly

[fixed] The field for the last name on the vendor registration page was displayed incorrectly on mobile devices

October 2020


[changed] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.11.5

September 2020

Version v4.11.0.6

[added] Image gallery on the product details page has been adapted to the YouTube Video Gallery add-on

August 2020

Version v4.11.0.5

[-] Ask a question button added by Ask a seller question add-on on the Vendor store page has been removed

[+] Ask a question button added by Ask a seller question add-on has been added to the Vendor information block

[!] The quick view window displayed incorrectly when changing the value of the Product quick view thumbnail width setting. Fixed

[!] The images gallery displayed incorrectly in quick view when changing the value of the Product quick view thumbnail height setting. Fixed

July 2020

Version v4.11.0.4

[!] The darkening of the background overlapped the content when opening an image previewer in a quick view. Fixed

June 2020

[~] The code has been improved

[!] The button "Other details" didn’t work after switching the product variation. Fixed

April 2020

[~] Styles of the old demo panel were removed


[!] The previewer opened the first image instead of the image that was clicked. Fixed.


March 2020


[+] The Buy now button will not display on the Grid and Scroller templates if quick view is enabled.

[+] Blocks for a checkout page were added.

[~] The product image has been centered on the product details page for products with one image.

[~] Text buttons are aligned in the column on the product details page and in the quick view pop-up.

[~] The buttons background color (transparent black) and text color (white) in the Grid product list on touch screen devices have been changed.

[~] The Contact us for a price message was centered in the product list for products without a price.

[!] The Add-to-Wishlist button did not work. Fixed.

[!] The click on the overlay block did not work in a scroller. Fixed.

[!] The Buy now button did not match the theme design in the Grid and Scroller product lists. Fixed.

[!] There was a horizontal scroll on a page under some conditions. Fixed.

[!] The hover did not display correctly when hovering over the top menu. Fixed.

[!] Buttons on the product details page displayed incorrectly. Fixed.


February 2020


[!] Owl-carousel previewer was displayed incorrectly. Fixed.


January 2020


[!] Images displayed incorrectly on the big picture template if there was a block with the grid-list template on the page. Fixed.


November 2019


[+] The update of a cart by ajax on the Cart contents page has been added.

[~] The Recalculate button on the Cart contents page has been removed.



[+] A checkbox "Apply to all languages" has been added to a Special promo block on the Content tab.


September 2019


[~] The adaptation to the Show Me More add-on has been transferred to the theme.

[!] The Grid template broke in the product list when the add-on Show Me More was enabled. Fixed.

[!] A horizontal scroll appeared in QuickView pop-up if a product has quantity discounts. Fixed.



[!] The Checkout button in the cart did not work. Fixed.


August 2019


[!] The Checkout button in the pop-up did not work when adding a product to cart. Fixed.

[!] The images on the product details page had no indents. Fixed.

[!] The zoom did not work on the product details page starting from third image. Fixed.

[!] The product image carousel did not work in the product quick view. Fixed.

[!] A pop-up with zoomed image did not display in the product quick view. Fixed.


June 2019


[!] The Theme Editor didn't work. Fixed



[+] The theme has been adapted to CS-Cart 4.10.


April 2019


[!] Banners were not adapted to mobile devices. Fixed.

[!] Products in stock showed as struck through. Fixed.



[!] On the comparison list and wishlist pages, the remove button did not get disabled by the applied background when the shopping cart popup appeared. Fixed.


March 2019


[+] The ability to change menu items for user classes has been added.

[+] The "Currency" block has been added.

[+] The "Languages" block has been added.

[+] The "Quick view" and "Add to cart" buttons have been added to the "Scroller" template.

[+] Now if only one button is displayed on the product detail page, it is stretched to the width of the page.

[!] The position of the "Reset all filters" button has been adjusted.

[!] In the "Quick view", the position of the image of product options has been adjusted.

[!] The text in the list of sorted products did not fit the width of the block. Fixed.

[!] The 'Clear cart' button on the cart page stretched beyond the block bounds. Fixed.

[!] On the cart page, a no-image icon was not placed in the centre position for products without an image. Fixed.

[!] There was an empty mandatory field on the bank card information page. Fixed.

[!] The subcategory popup in the "Vertical drop-down list" menu was not displayed correctly. Fixed.

[!] If the "Chat with vendor" add-on is enabled, the page was not displayed correctly. Fixed.


January 2019


[!] New add-on functionality did not work. When a customer obtained an add-on that came with a theme, the add-on upgraded to its older version. Fixed.



[~] The appearance of the BigPicture page when displaying a single image has been improved.

[!] When a product ran out of stock, product options and variations remaining in stock did not count. Fixed.

[!] The indentation of the images on the right was larger than on the left on the mobile version in the BigPicture template. Fixed.

[!] The image right indent was bigger than the left one in the mobile version of the BigPicture template. Fixed.

[!] If the "Define color" option was selected in the "Advanced social buttons" add-on, the color did not change. Fixed.

[!] If the "Open the list of social networks" button was clicked on the product detail page, the social network pop-up was not visible. Fixed.

[!] There was an incorrect Russian translation of the "Share" button on the product detail page. Fixed.

[!] Thumbnails in the quick product preview had the wrong size and were not centered. Fixed.

[!] The 404 error was displayed when a user in non-multivendor store clicked on the store name in a quick product preview. Fixed.

[-] The share buttons have been deleted in quick product preview.



[!] The product brand name was not displayed in the BigPicture template. Fixed.

[!] New add-on functionality did not work. When a customer obtained an add-on that came with a theme, the add-on upgraded to its older version. Fixed.


November 2018


[~] The name of the store has been hidden in the quick view window in CS-Cart stores.

[!] The 'Write a review' button in the product details page did not work for the unauthorized users. Fixed.

[!] The grid-list caused notices on the category and search pages. Fixed.


July 2018


[~] The labels of the product options have been improved on the product details page.

[!] The spaces between images changed when the product page was loaded. Fixed.

[!] The search bar and cart blocked scrolling on the pages. Fixed.


June 2018


[!] The hamburger menu performed incorrectly when adding products to the comparison list. Fixed.


April 2018


[+] The product catalog is now displayed in two columns.

[+] The ability to add products from the home page has been added. 

[~] The payments icons displaying has been improved. 

[~] The blocks displaying has been improved.


March 2018


[~] The vendor block has been adapted to the Multi-Vendor 4.7.2 store version. 

[!] The feature checkbox was displayed incorrectly. Fixed.


February 2018


[+] The ability to select Quick view or Add to cart buttons which are displayed when hovering over the product image in the grid list has been added.